How To Get Started With Patreon

FB Image - How To Get Started With Patreon

Not sure how to get started with Patreon?

Or to attract patrons to fund your creations?

Are you finding it all a little overwhelming or frustrating?

This article should get you started on the right track.

Before reading this, I would suggest you learn more about what Patreon is before you continue, but feel free to come back once you’re done.

Or simply check out the summary below.

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What Is Patreon?

What Is Patreon

Patreon means different things to different people.

If you ask 10 people what Patreon is you would probably get 10 different answers.

Patreon is usually lumped into the crowdfunding basket, along with Kickstarter and GoFundMe.

But I hope to show you in this article that Patreon way more than just a way to crowdfund.

I will show you what it is. What it isn’t. And why it’s important to understand.

And by the end I hope you will have a better understanding of what Patreon is really all about.

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